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Do you create quality handmade gifts and crafts? Are you interested in selling your crafts wholesale or retail?

Do you want to sell your crafts and handmade gifts but don't know where to start?  After spending many late nights and long weekends searching for the absolute best places that were interested in buying or marketing our handcrafts, we decided that there had to be others going through the same thing.  You know the feeling..  countless hours spent creating that something special... and then what?  Maybe do a few craft shows or maybe nothing at all.

Crafts Wanted is crammed full of over 200 complete listings of places to sell your handmade gifts and crafts! The listings include company name and address, what type of item they are interested in, proper procedure for submitting your product to them for consideration and much more!  Sell your crafts wholesale, retail, by the single piece or in larger quantities.

Crafts Wanted includes many complete listings of US Gift Stores interested in buying handcrafted items wholesale.  It even includes the types of handcrafts they are interested in purchasing along with exactly what you need to do in order to sell your products to them.

If this is the type of information you're looking for, Crafts Wanted is worth it's weight in gold!  And since Crafts Wanted is now available as an ebook, you can have it instantly!   Crafts Wanted ebook is in pdf format so it is easily read by both Windows and Mac users.

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"The Ultimate Bead Lover's Guide" is a wonderful resource for learning about beading.  It covers everything you need to know to get started in beading, as well as lots of more advanced hints and ideas.  

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