Beading is Fun!


Beading Tips

  • Beading Chart
    Using a beading chart can make life so much easier - and there's more than one way to create one.

  • Beading places to go
    Interesting places for beaders to visit.

  • Cheap Beads
    As all beading enthusiasts know, at some point buying beads starts to cost a fair bit of money. So it would be great to find a way to buy beads cheaply!

  • Dropped Your Beads
    That moment we all dread - a container of tiny seed beads has just tipped all over the carpet. What to do? Find the answer here.

  • Graph Paper
    Using graph paper and where to find the graph paper.

  • Large Holed Beads
    Handy tip for working with large holed beads.

  • Opening Jump Rings
    Handy tip for opening jump rings when beading.

  • Seed Beads
    Seed beads can be tricky little things, this tip helps solve that problem!

  • Sorting Beads
    Sorting beads, particularly tiny ones, can be really difficult - this tip gives you some ideas on how to do it quickly and easily.

  • Storing Beads
    Heaps of great ideas for storing your beads, including items you already have around the home.

  • Washing Beads
    Tip on how to wash your beads.

  • Which Needle
    Using needles for beading can be painful - who hasn't pricked their fingers at some time?

  • Work Surface
    Having a good work surface is an important part of beading. This tip gives you ideas on what to use.

  • Working with Beads
    Great ideas for managing your beads without dropping them.

  • Working With Leather
    Threading beads onto leather and working with leather can be a bit tricky. How to solve that problem!


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