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Work Surface for Beading

Try an old mouse pad!  These are designed not to slide around, you can stick pins into them if you need to, and they're usually dark on the back which makes it easier to see your beads.

Chris sent me these great ideas:

I find that working on a piece of velvet stuck onto a piece of sticky back plastic much easier to work on than a beading board.  The beads don't roll around and when you have finished you can just roll it up and pour your beads back into their container.

Another tip is to use a piece of masking tape stuck onto your work bench, on this you can mark the length,centre etc. of you work.

Janet is also very organised...

A stable table with a small white towel folded on it makes a very good work area. You can set up small area of beads the groove around the outside which can be divided into sections with blu tac covered over with plastic or paper to stop the beads sticking. I also sit the finer beads (seed beads etc) on the side on the towelling, it makes them easier to pick up.


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"The Ultimate Bead Lover's Guide" is a wonderful resource for learning about beading.  It covers everything you need to know to get started in beading, as well as lots of more advanced hints and ideas.  

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